Welcome to the Waterville Public Schools website!
My name is Eric Haley and I am honored to be the Superintendent of the three school districts in AOS 92, serving the communities of Waterville, Winslow, and Vassalboro.

     I grew up in Dexter, Maine where I attended the public schools through high school. I still remember some of the teachers and coaches who influenced my life and I hope that someday our current students will also have fond memories of our dedicated and caring staff. I received my undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology from Tufts University and started my career in public education as a Math and Computer Science teacher at my alma mater, Dexter Regional High School in 1977.  In 1985 I was hired as the assistant principal for the Waterville Senior High School.  Five years later, after completing my Masters in Educational Administration, I was selected to lead the school as their new principal. I loved my years as a building administrator because of the opportunities I had to truly get to know our teaching staff and our students and families. I received my Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) from the University of Maine in Educational Leadership in 1995 and in 2001 the position of Superintendent for Waterville Public Schools became available and I was fortunate to be hired for that as well. Although I missed the day to day interaction with students and staff at the high school, I welcomed the opportunity to work with all of our staff in the furtherance of our mission. It was exciting to learn about the other schools in our district and discover all of the wonderful things happening there. Despite the recent budget challenges, our dedicated and professional staff has continued to put students first.


     In 2009, under the State of Maine School Administrative Reorganization law, the towns of Vassalboro, Waterville and, Winslow formed The Kennebec Valley Consolidated Schools as an Alternative Organizational Structure, and we became known as AOS 92. I was chosen to lead this organization, and truly believe that by working together, learning from, and supporting each other, that AOS 92 is one of the top districts in the State of Maine. I invite you to browse our sites, visit our schools, talk to members of our community and see for yourself!

Our Mission:

The mission of Waterville Public Schools is to help students attain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to achieve personal fulfillment, be responsible citizens, do meaningful work, and pursue lifelong learning. To achieve our mission we believe that our curriculum should provide all students with a foundation of knowledge, skills and academic standards, along with opportunities to demonstrate and apply learning in varied ways across all curriculum areas. Curriculum and program offerings should provide opportunities for all students to realize their fullest potential and to celebrate their individual worth. Programs and activities should be challenging and should promote and enhance students' physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well being. Furthermore, we will strive to produce graduates who think critically and independently, adapt to new and changing situations, make appropriate choices, and act in a respectful and responsible manner. We believe that all employees of Waterville Public Schools should serve as models for students in helping them:

- Demonstrate the ability to solve problems.
- Communicate clearly and effectively.
- Discover ways to express themselves creatively.
- Make responsible decisions as world citizens.
- Use technological resources to enhance their learning.
- Research, analyze, and apply information.
- Behave in a respectful and responsible manner.
- Appreciate world cultures and diversity.

Waterville Public Schools is committed to working with parents and the community to provide the necessary leadership, resources and support to accomplish our mission.